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girl, interrupted

January 2012

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girl, interrupted

Makeup kit organization

I gotta say... I've owned traincases, and I'm just not a big fan of them. They're heavy, awkward to carry, and they really don't hold that much because the telescoping tray mechanisms take up so much room. I'd already sold off my old MAC case; it just wasn't getting used.

At the 101 seminar I attended, I was impressed with James Vincent's simple approach: essentially, a duffel bag filled with clear plastic zip bags. I know that The Powder Group's bags sold like crazy at the last Makeup Show in NYC, and Sephora carries similar bags as well, but I was sure I could find something cheaper. After a bunch of searching, I lucked out on Amazon - a company named Cosmetic Solutions sells sturdy, inexpensive clear zipper bags in exactly the dimensions and shapes I was looking for. Shipping was fast, too. Score!

So, my kit - as it is thus far - now lives in a bag I've owned for ten years:

^ It looks full, but there's ample room left. That's a pretty sizable interior for a carry-on-sized luggage bag.

^ The bags all lined up. (I have a few left over, too, and they'd all be packed differently according to what I'd need for whatever it was I planned to do.) I mostly organized them by type: skincare, tools, face stuff, eyeshadow palettes, etc.

^ The foundation/face product bag up close - it was just long enough to fit my La Femme blush palette!

So that's one more item off the to-do list. Now when I finally get these photographer shoots scheduled, I'll be able to schlep everything I need easily.


Girly stuff!

If you threw in a couple of referencec to new cleaning products you'd tried and rubber gloves, you'd be hitting allllllllllllllllllllllll the spots.

*happy sigh*

Your bag is beautiful!

Haha! Gotta love rubber gloves. My kit DOES include a nice-smelling hand sanitizer; does that count?
I heart La Femme. They are so affordably fantastic.
I am BLOWN AWAY by the blush palette. It is glorious - matte, pigmented as hell, just awesome.

You should know

China Glaze "Free Love" is almost an exact match to my car.

The orange car.

Re: You should know

this is making me tingle in my special lady place where make-up and efficiency find a tender home.
metaphorically, of course.



That's a pretty good idea. I'm going to look at that web site. I have tons of eyeshadows. I wonder if a bag is the best solution?