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girl, interrupted

January 2012

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girl, interrupted

Just messing around with Photobucket...

Thought I'd try making a collage-tile-thinger of my favorite eye pix...

It'd be nice if I could make one without it BLINKING at me and having a big ol' Photobucket logo on it... surely there's an easier way that wouldn't require me to purchase Photoshop! But, hey, fun.


thats cool!

thats impressive. Not just the makeup but your photography skills!

Re: thats cool!

My camera has a mean macro. If I put the macro function on and mute the flash with tissue, that's what I get :)
Thanks love! I loved that look, too - I posted it here: http://girl-decorated.livejournal.com/40448.html



Very pretty! Love all the different looks.

Re: Lucy

This is beautiful! (A little creepy, kind of like the wall of hands in Labyrinth, only with eyes.) But lovely eyes, and very pretty makeup!

I have questions for you!

1) Have you ever experienced/how do you handle an eyeshadow that sort of develops an inpenetrable film over the surface? I have one and I've tried scratching it up, but now it likes to hang on to the brush instead of transferring to the target skin. Do you have methods for situations like this?

2) Some of the eye looks above have super shimmery brow highlight colors, but many have a much more natural looking shade just under the brow (like the one that's second from the bottom row, second from the left.) I have been struggling to achieve this - not leaving the under-brow space unpainted, but how to have it not look disco-licious. For practical every day purposes, there is really no place for that much shimmer on my browbone. Any advice?

PS I heart your blog.
1. Yes, I've had this happen to blushes and eyeshadows - any pressed powder product, really. The film on the surface is usually caused by skin oils that transfer from the fingertip or the brush. Clear Scotch tape, pressed against the hardened surface, will sometime lift this film away, and you can also scratch it off (I've had to scratch up my oft-used NARS Deep Throat a number of times). But the tape is good because, ideally, it will reveal a fresher surface beneath that will transfer more easily.

If it doesn't after all that, it might be the powder formula itself. I had this problem with one of the Diana quad shadows - the bright purple-pink matte one wouldn't apply worth a damn. Worst matte ever! In that case, you could scrape off a portion of powder and press it into place, over a good base. Or crush the whole thing and use as loose powder.

2. Ahh, the disco-ball browbone! I do that sometimes for dramatic looks, but honestly? I agree that it looks incredibly tacky (not to mention sweaty, esp. in photos) to have a frosty/shimmery browbone on a daily basis... the point of the highlight is to blend the crease color and to give your brow a "lift," not to reflect so much light that you could signal down an airplane. I always gagged a bit when the MAC community girls would swear that colors like Phloof! and Nylon were ideal for brow highlights. Those are intensely reflective and not remotely natural-looking, if that's what you're going for.

So, the alternative is to wear a pale satin or matte; any formula that has little, if any shimmer in it, and DEFINITELY no frost. I actually use Vapour a LOT for the browbone - say, didn't I buy that from you??? It has some shimmer but it's really subtle and just a few shades lighter than my skin. Vanilla (the shadow, not the pigment) is also good for pale girls. And I know BeneFit makes a brow-lift pencil that you blend in under the eyebrow to achieve that lighter effect.

So, I guess my suggestion is to pick a non-sparkly skin-tone shade color that's a few shades lighter than your skin. It's the same principal as highlighting the cheekbone or bridge of the nose, or any area you want to bring forward - you COULD make it sparkly-city courtesy of MAC's bafflingly popular MSFs, or you COULD smear shimmery pigment all over your face, or you could just use a powder that's a few shades lighter than the surrounding skin.



flash papers

O, these pics are awesome i really admire these pic, specially the colors on eye lashes, wow, just wow, thanks for the awesome blog.....