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girl, interrupted

January 2012

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girl, interrupted

On smokey eyes and flaky photographers

I had two shoots scheduled this week - pretty productive, eh? The Wednesday shoot was with the photographer I met last month who got this whole portfolio-building project rolling. The shoot was wedding-themed and I can't WAIT to get the CD.

Yesterday's was with an amateur photographer that I'd contacted on a networking site. (Bet you can guess which one.) I had contacted a number of photographers offering to do makeup for shoots in exchange for images, and she jumped at the opportunity. I found the model, who is actually a friend of a friend and not a "pro" (she just looks like one)... I had done a fast-and-dirty makeup job on her back in March for a performance, and she said she'd love to help me out. I arrived at her place hours before the scheduled shoot and had the luxury of plenty of time to do her face. Then she grabbed a few wardrobe options and we headed into Holyoke, where the photographer's studio was located.

Now, I'm not especially naïve. I know people are flaky and forgetful. So I confirmed the date, time and location with the photographer the night before, and we exchanged numbers. She said we were a go and that she'd meet us out front. So we arrived on time, and there was no way to buzz in, so I called her. She answered, said "hello?" twice (leading me to believe she couldn't hear me), and hung up.

I tried calling back and got voicemail. Repeatedly. We even managed to get inside the building and talk to some guy who recognized the photographer's name but didn't know where she might be. We waited outside awhile longer, me with my makeup bag and my model glammed out with two dresses on a coathanger, looking conspicuous. I texted, politely, asking what was up and if we should wait or just take off. No response, of course.

Damn. Well, I knew I'd encounter flakes in this process, especially for unpaid, mutual-portfolio-development projects, but you think she'd have the decency to cancel, whatever her stupid excuse might be, so we're not left standing around on the street. I sent an email (again, polite) asking what had happened, but I don't expect a response. Nor do I intend to ever work with her in the future.

Anyway, the afternoon wasn't a complete wash, because not only did I get more makeup practice, but I had my camera with me. It's no pro camera (Canon PowerShot A630, 8.0 megapixels) and I'm no photographer, but we did the best we could right there in town. And it was actually a lot of fun!

(Yes, she changed outfits. In my car, in broad daylight, in a Holyoke parking lot! What a good sport. I certainly didn't insist, but she was determined to make the most of it.)

(I'm well aware that a lot of these images are clichés - model in front of graffiti, model on railroad tracks, model striking poses in a box - but it was just for fun. And I wasn't really art-directing; most of the locations and poses were her idea. Lest you think I turned into some creepy girl-with-camera telling her "stick out your booty!")

^This looks like she took it herself, LOL. I was standing on a picnic table.

Then some girls came along with a puppy... :-D

She was psyched with the results, and I didn't walk away empty-handed, so yay us! I'm going to work with her again and hopefully a photographer who will actually show up.

I used:

Graftobian cream foundation palettes, warm and cool (two shades mixed)
Yaby concealer
MAC Strada blush (contour)
La Femme blush (from the palette, can't recall the name - it's a peachy shade)
Makeup Forever HD invisible set powder
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Handwritten, Vanilla and Carbon eyeshadows
MAC Feline and Engraved pencil liners
MAC Espresso + Clear Great Lash (brows)
Ardell lashes (I must have done a pretty good job applying them because I forgot they were even there!)
MAC Whirl lip pencil + L'Oreal Color Juice gloss (again, the name's escaping me - it's a nude with slight shimmer)


wow! what a flake. And that's SO RUDE.

However, you still got amazing shots out of the bad situation :) I love the last one with the puppyyyyy!
I know, how cute was that puppy?!?

I'm baffled by how careless people can be. Though when I take a good hard look at the girl's portfolio vs. the pictures I took myself, I gotta say, there's not that vast a difference so maybe we weren't missing much!

I'll be able to use these pictures in my portfolio, but also as a way to hopefully attract better, more professional photographers.



I don't think that rude person was even missed. You took fantastic photos. You should really be proud of yourself. When you standing on the picnic table the makeup is shown very well. You did some beautiful makeup on the model. I'm really excited for you. Great job.